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Black Fox One Base – 2×72 Belt Grinder



The ideal 2×72 belt grinding system for custom knife makers, general fabrication, woodworking, and precision material removal. The Black Fox ONE can be easily positioned for horizontal or vertical grinding eliminating the need for a separate horizontal grinder. The dual tooling arm makes customizing the tooling height and belt change easy.

Grinder lead time: 5 – 10 business days


The ideal 2×72 belt grinder

The Black Fox One Base 2×72 belt grinder offers precision, control, faster quality-grinding, reduced heat build up and versatility are what make the Black Fox Pro, the ideal tool in your knife making production or creative process.  The Base One is a great system for smoother grinding surfaces, and is ideal for achieving the final shape and finish of your blade, while enhancing your efficiency and quality of your knife making process; a worthwhile investment for the professional and hobbyist alike! Find out today why our grinders are the ideal tool for the knife-making professional and the knife-making enthusiasts!  Comes with everything you need to convert an existing grinder or build your own grinder on the Black Fox ONE frame.


  • Black Fox One Chassis
  • Gas tension spring for constant applied pressure
  • Positioning assist spring (only 10 lbs of force needed to position grinder)
  • Tool arm bolts
  • Tension belt handle
  • Spare parts list with alternative suppliers

The Black Fox line of knife belt grinders are the ideal tools that provides a continuous sanding belt to grind, sharpen, and shape blades of all types.

Contact us to find out if the Black Fox One Base is the ideal 2×72 belt grinder for you!

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The Black Fox One Base is a great 2x72 belt grinder tool ideal for knife making and production.
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